Design of Virtual Exhibitions and Online Galleries

Due to the current pandemic situation, face-to-face visits to museums and art galleries have been greatly reduced. Likewise, cultural consumption through digital media and social networks has increased greatly.

That is why the Barcelona based web design studio RAZGO.NET specialists in the development of online galleries, offers the possibility of designing virtual exhibitions in 3D format galleries.

Online exhibitions have great advantages to maximize the distribution and viewing of art exhibitions from museums, institutions, private galleries, artistic events, as well as for works by individual or collective independent artists, where normally the exhibitions have a limited period of time. visit. It is very important that the viewer has a good experience visiting each virtual exhibition. For this reason, concepts of curating are taken into account.

RAZGO - Diseño de galerías virtuales - Barcelona

Exhibition design


The 3D virtual gallery can be at scale reproduction of a real physical space or an imagined virtual space.

In the process, the floor plan of the exhibition space, number of walls, background colors, virtual framing of works, presentation texts and exhibition credits are designed.

RAZGO - Diseño Galerías Virtuales

Gallery Navigation

Browsing through the gallery is very versatile. You can pan, rotate, zoom in to see the work in more detail or move away from the wall.

The exhibition poster, the artist’s curriculum and information on the works (titles, dates, measurements, prices) are included. It is also possible to add ambient or narrative audios, as well as videos of the works.

RAZGO - Diseño Galerías Virtuales

Dissemination of the Exhibition

The virtual exhibition can be projected in full screen, and thanks to its responsive design and programming it adapts to all display devices.

The exhibit can then be inserted into any web page using html code. It is also possible to share the link on Social media.

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Types of virtual galleries

Choose one of the 3 virtual gallery 3D models.

RAZGO - Galería Virtual A

Virtual Gallery A

RAZGO - Galería Virtual B

Virtual Gallery B

RAZGO - Galería Virtual C

Virtual Gallery C

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